Affiliated – Story Cubes

We are affiliated.  We are affiliated with Amazon.  Why?  Because life is busy and stores are hard.  So we shop Amazon…a LOT.  It’s easy and I don’t forget stuff because it’s like *click*click* done.  Boom.  It’s in the mail in 2 days.  We buy our fair share of Amazon items for the farm and for school, so we joined the affiliate program.   Don’t worry, we won’t be pushing random things.  But when we do find something we love, we will share our link with you and you can choose to use that link to purchase that item too and then we get a kickback from Amazon to keep things going around here.

A product we really, really want to recommend to you is Rory’s Story Cubes.  The kids played Story Cubes with some of their friends and Elliott asked for it since that day.  So I popped on Amazon and I ordered them.  They’re fun.  They’re educational.  And they make even tentative children bold story tellers.  We made this quick little video to show them to you.

Why I like Story Cubes:

  1.  Kids and Adults can play Story Cubes together.  The little one’s just make less complicated stories.
  2. I can challenge the kids to expand on their story.
  3. It is creative “writing”/thinking disguised as pure fun.
  4. It can be used as a writing prompt to get kids going on a detailed story.
  5. Everyone likes the sound of rolling dice right?
  6. There are multiple packs to keep the fun fresh.


If this isn’t school work, presentation, improvisation, and quick brain training I do not know what is.  Barnes & Boutiques seal of approval.  Fine scholastic Fun.  2 Thumbs Up.

So if you want to try Story Cubes for yourself, you can grab them HERE.  This set contains 3 full sets of cubes: The original, Voyages, and Actions.   One set is fun, but we get the best stories when the kids add a few dice from each set and roll those.  It gives them verbiage to play with and additional ideas.

But sometimes that is out of budget.  So if you’re going to get just one, I recommend the classic set in the Orange box HERE.


If that is still out of budget, here’s a great DIY idea:  Make them!  Find some cube shaped boxes of any size.  We made these animal and color dice many moons ago with 6x6x6 boxes I had from shipping hats and headbands.  I would print some pictures from google images and decoupage them on the side of the box (or use packing tape because decoupage sounds like a LOT of work…) and get to playing!  It might be fun to do together anyway!  You can learn more about playing with our animal or color dice on our Sensory Play website 🙂



So go play!  Have fun.  Learn things.  Improvise 🙂  Once Upon a time…