The Bubble Debate

“You can’t keep them in a bubble and shield them from everything.”

I was on a community Facebook page today, and someone mentioned the music being played around small children at a small town country fair. It included lyrics with adult content. Questionable language and sexually explicit whether direct or innuendo. The comment was made that it was a laughable concern…Because we can’t shield them from everything.

While it may be true that we can’t shield small children from “everything”, why don’t we as a society want our kids, especially our 5 and under crowd, shielded from some things?

Music is not my hill to die on. Music is a form of art and art is meant to shock people or make noise on a subject matter (although I’m hard pressed to see the art through the commercialism of modern pop and hip hop), but it’s brought up a bigger issue: is exposure to adult content at a tender age appropriate? Or let’s be real, is it appropriate at any age?

I do want my children sheltered. At least for a little while. My 5 year old does not need to know yet, what kind of world they’re inheriting. I want them to be the kind of people that make the world better and don’t buy in to a societal status quo. That status quo is not something we are striving for as a family and instilling in a new generation. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” a la Gandhi paraphrased bumper stickers, popular the world over.

It boils down to a parents choice. It’s their choice when they want to discuss sensitive or mature subjects. It’s their choice what type of language they want them exposed to. It’s their right to ask where they can request more appropriate music at an event geared toward children. And we as a society should support that choice. We should protect those children together. We should stand up for that parental choice. You go mom with a voice! Make it heard!

Maybe, just maybe, if we teach our children to support what they have been taught and encouraged to truly believe in, and stand up for what’s right, we will raise a generation with new morals that changes the world. We cannot just tell them what to do. We have to guide them to make choices.

I am not perfect. My children are not perfect. But I’ll keep them “sheltered” just a little while longer.

The Misguided Middle

Sam is our middle child. He’s 8. He’s wonderful. He’s a bit of a shit…

Truth be told he always has been. I can say this because I love him. He came into this world backwards and screaming. He screamed for months. He wouldn’t let anyone else hold him. Once he could move he followed me everywhere and he screamed if I went out of eye line.

Sam pulled my hair. Sam hit me. Sam bit me. Sam hit and bit his sister. He ate all of the time. He was a bit of a shit…

As he grew, it started to become clear that Sam did not get language. He could not understand us and he certainly couldn’t express himself. Super long story short, Sam had sensory issues that interfered with language acquisition. We worked with our local ISD and did a ton of work at home, and eventually he started communicating, but to this day, Sam is not GOOD at expressing himself.

We’ve been working super hard on behavior. We’ve tried all the things. But Sam still hits people when he gets mad or upset or hurt and this happens on the daily. We talk about how we can’t control what other people do, just how we respond to it. He makes lists of other things he can do when he’s upset (count to 10, punch a pillow, walk away and do something else, etc) and he posts them on his wall. But I still worry, that Sam is a bully.

Last week, trying to be funny, he did something so upsetting and disappointing. Renna loves to draw and she even enters contests with her favorite YouTuber Draw with Jazza. The work she’s most proud of, was an updated girl with the pearl earring drawing in her sketch book. She worked so hard on it. Sam “added on” to EVERY page in her sketch book one day…including that one.

Elliott can’t write anything but his name, Sam…get a better alibi…

We had the big talk about how hurtful that was and how disappointed I was. How he had to make amends and he owed Renna something. He also had to apologize both in person and in writing and used his own money to buy her a new book.

Truth be told, Sam is my most helpful kid. When he’s showered in love and attention he’s amazing. He unloads the dishwasher, does laundry, helps with the animals, helps with outside stuff, pulls weeds, cooks breakfast, all the things when I ask. If I can hit him with a preemptive strike to keep him busy and entertained and working, he is a joy of a child. But being in the middle in a family with 4 kids is hard.

He’s not the oldest. He doesn’t have that extra responsibility and the opportunity often to be “in charge”. He’s not the baby and he got a double hit on that one with twin younger siblings. We do our best but undivided attention is sometimes hard to come by.

He’s stuck in the misguided, misunderstood middle. And sometimes that means he’s a bit of a shit… but we’re working on it. And we love his naughty little face off. And maybe someday, with enough guidance, he’ll be able to express himself without violence and vandalism ūüėČ

8 Tiny Eyes

My kids are growing.¬† They are growing too fast and it’s NOT ok with me.¬† I mean, I want them to grow up to be strong, happy, successful people some day, I just wish it would take longer.¬† As they grow, some things have become so much easier.¬† No more diapers, no bottles, no incessant crying for no reason, no giant diaper bags that can hold a weekend trip for two to some fancy B&B in wine country but is instead full of burp cloths that smell like sour milk and 47 pounds of baby wipes.¬† All of that is done.¬† And I can leave them unattended for a short time and they are usually all alive and not bleeding when I come back…usually.

But as they grow, the problems and the situations grow with them.¬† The questions, the peer pressure, and the desire to be independent.¬† I think I’m what you would call a free range mom.¬† ¬†But my husband is not a free range dad.¬† He will openly admit his freedom leash for the kids is very short.¬† Luckily for them, it’s usually me here ūüėȬ† I am not, however, ready to hand them over to social media.

My nearly 10 year old has a phone.¬† I know some people think that’s crazy, but it’s a tracfone and we had a legitimate emergency where she had to be in charge for a short time while the neighbor was on her way home and I realized that our lack of landlines made this interesting nowadays.¬† So she got a phone.¬† It was supposed to be for emergencies.¬† But she started using it to google things when we had a question we couldn’t answer without help.¬† Good use of a phone.¬† Finding pertinent info.¬† Then she used it to play music to dance too.¬† Perfectly fine.¬† She watched her favorite Artist/Vlogger on Youtube.¬† Fine.¬† She wanted games her friends play, but after much research I decided she couldn’t have those.¬† They were too open.¬† Too public.¬† She also loves to take beautiful pictures and she asked for an Instagram account.¬† ¬†“…hmm…well…”¬† I am pretty familiar with the workings of Instagram and the privacy and security.¬† We had a “talk” about social media safety and I locked her account down like Fort Knox and then I added the friends she was allowed to have.¬† She had to ask me to add or follow anyone else.

She found some old friends from her first school.¬† Ok.¬† I guess.¬† Which ones?¬† I checked her account every single day.¬† Then I started checking into her friends accounts from her phone and I was shocked.¬† Little girls posting photos they shouldn’t.¬† Using words they shouldn’t.¬† Talking about topics they shouldn’t.¬† And then it happened.¬† My kid posted something mean to someone else…It was a celebrity, not like a friend they’re picking on, but still NOT OK.¬† I talked to her.¬† I asked her to explain.¬† I yelled I’m sure.¬† I made her write a paper about responsible social media use and then I disabled her account and deleted her app.¬† I also took her phone for 7 days.¬† I do think she gets it, but she’s not getting Instagram back any time soon.

She wanted to be on the phone…like she was an addict in withdrawal and asked daily for it back.¬† That’s when it dawned on me, that that’s the culture and the generation we are raising.¬† We are raising kids who think it’s normal to spend inordinate amounts of time on the phone.¬† Looking at it.¬† Reading things.¬† Socializing.¬† Working.¬† Watching videos.¬† Heck even banking and ordering dinner.¬† On the phone.¬† Never more than 10 feet away.¬† Mine is 12 inches to my right as I type this.¬† I can see it in case it lights up.¬† In case someone calls (rare) or texts, or sends a Facebook message.¬† I can pick it up any time and get dopamine hits from the little hearts on Instagram and the Like button on Facebook.¬† When someone likes your photo or comment your brain releases dopamine and makes you happy.¬† Your serotonin levels rise.¬† But it’s a short burst and you need more.

8 tiny eyes are watching us.¬† Watching us hold on to our phones too much.¬† Guilty as charged.¬† It must be wonderful if we’re doing it right?¬† So they want to do it too.¬† They want the dopamine hit.¬† They want the acceptance of their peers.¬† And the pressure to fit in comes in to play.¬† 8 tiny eyes blinded by blue light.

I’m working on my addiction.¬† I’m working on it so 8 tiny eyes want to play outside, maintain their creativity and their zest for reading and learning.¬† I want them to get dirty and scrape their knees.¬† I want them to build forts and not just on Minecraft.¬† Real ones.¬† With like sticks…¬† 8 tiny hands.¬† Covered in mud.36322606_10105388121782775_2744062426549846016_n

Affiliated – Story Cubes

We are affiliated.¬† We are affiliated with Amazon.¬† Why?¬† Because life is busy and stores are hard.¬† So we shop Amazon…a LOT.¬† It’s easy and I don’t forget stuff because it’s like *click*click* done.¬† Boom.¬† It’s in the mail in 2 days.¬† We buy our fair share of Amazon items for the farm and for school, so we joined the affiliate program.¬† ¬†Don’t worry, we won’t be pushing random things.¬† But when we do find something we love, we will share our link with you and you can choose to use that link to purchase that item too and then we get a kickback from Amazon to keep things going around here.

A product we really, really want to recommend to you is Rory’s Story Cubes.¬† The kids played Story Cubes with some of their friends and Elliott asked for it since that day.¬† So I popped on Amazon and I ordered them.¬† They’re fun.¬† They’re educational.¬† And they make even tentative children bold story tellers.¬† We made this quick little video to show them to you.

Why I like Story Cubes:

  1. ¬†Kids and Adults can play Story Cubes together.¬† The little one’s just make less complicated stories.
  2. I can challenge the kids to expand on their story.
  3. It is creative “writing”/thinking disguised as pure fun.
  4. It can be used as a writing prompt to get kids going on a detailed story.
  5. Everyone likes the sound of rolling dice right?
  6. There are multiple packs to keep the fun fresh.


If this isn’t school work, presentation, improvisation, and quick brain training I do not know what is.¬† Barnes & Boutiques seal of approval.¬† Fine scholastic Fun.¬† 2 Thumbs Up.

So if you want to try Story Cubes for yourself, you can grab them HERE.  This set contains 3 full sets of cubes: The original, Voyages, and Actions.   One set is fun, but we get the best stories when the kids add a few dice from each set and roll those.  It gives them verbiage to play with and additional ideas.

But sometimes that is out of budget.¬† So if you’re going to get just one, I recommend the classic set in the Orange box HERE.


If that is still out of budget, here’s a great DIY idea:¬† Make them!¬† Find some cube shaped boxes of any size.¬† We made these animal and color dice many moons ago with 6x6x6 boxes I had from shipping hats and headbands.¬† I would print some pictures from google images and decoupage them on the side of the box (or use packing tape because decoupage sounds like a LOT of work…) and get to playing!¬† It might be fun to do together anyway!¬† You can learn more about playing with our animal or color dice on our Sensory Play website ūüôā



So go play!¬† Have fun.¬† Learn things.¬† Improvise ūüôā¬† Once Upon a time…


Art for Art’s sake

Once upon a time, when I started this blog, I promised how to write up’s of some kind.¬† I’ve never made one…I can’t really tell you how we gardened super successfully, nature did all of the work and we got lucky.¬† I cannot tell you how we care for our goats…we sort of just do.¬† But I can tell you about parts of our homeschool day and projects we do.¬† Today’s project was fluid painting.


Like a week ago, on FaceBook, I was scrolling around and saw a painting that caught my eye.¬† It was different bands of color with these cool cells.¬† I was obsessed and took to youtube to figure it out.¬† I searched “cell paintings” and found myself in a sea of Fluid Painting videos.¬† The next day I watched a few with the kids and they were officially obsessed too.¬† It was sworn, at that moment, that we would get super messy with some paint and we would create the mesmerizing fluid paintings.

The Problem – none of the videos were super specific about the process and how they mixed and what they mixed and how much.¬† So we got to make it up as we go.¬† I am sure there are 8 kajillion methods for this medium, but the following is what we did.¬† I did hear the words “silicone‚ÄĚ (which we didn’t use) and “Floetrol” (which we did use) used a lot.

On Saturday, between a wedding and a reception, Lewis and I had some time to kill, so of course we went to Meijer.¬† Because what else do people in a black suit and floor length sparkly dress do with their child-less free time?¬† I wandered into the craft aisle on accident and found a decent price on canvases, so I started to load up Lewis’s arms.¬† And right across from there were some acrylic paints.¬† So the mission to make this happen began.¬† I acquired an excessive amount of acrylic paint quickly because I’m me and I like choices.

Problem 2 – What the heck is Floetrol?¬† I drew some conclusions that it was something that made the paint “more” and helped me pour it.¬† That’s all I’ve got.¬† My deductive reasoning is pretty hardcore ūüėȬ† Did I google it?¬† No.¬† I loaded up all of my kids for a day of small business shopping in Romeo MI.¬† We grabbed lunch at Romeo Family Restaurant.¬† Then we headed over to Creative Corner Art Supply store.¬† The man working there is SUPER kind and friendly and helpful…but he had no Floetrol.¬† He seemed to know what it was though, and it was in fact some kind of pouring medium.¬† He gave my kids each a bottle of his discounted acrylic paints for free (because cute small town) and I bought them each one more color from their adorable shop and a homemade paper making kit…apparently we are going to make homemade paper…to be continued.¬† We left, sad we were headed to a chain craft store, but to make ourselves feel better we stopped at Juliet Chocolates and got some candy.¬† All better.

We made our way to the big craft store…they had ONE kind of pouring medium and it was $16 for a bottle smaller than the perfume I keep in my purse.¬† No thank you craft store.¬† I FINALLY turned to google.¬† You know where I found this mythical Floetrol???¬† Frickin HOME DEPOT…no joke.¬† $7 for a quart. Luckily it was right next door.¬† Floetrol in hand we headed home to finally make some art.¬† So skip the middle man and head straight to the house paint section at your Home Depot.


Here’s what you need:

  1.  Excited Participants (4 children, 1 mom, and 1 nosy dog)
  2. Some sort of Acrylic paints
  3. Craft Sticks or something for mixing
  4. Mythical red solo cups…not just for beer pong and flip cup.¬† Or Dixie Cups or whatever little mixing cups make your heart happy.
  5. Highly recommend disposable gloves.
  6. DROP CLOTH.¬† Let me say that again.¬† GIANT DROP CLOTH!¬† You’re going to make a mess.¬† A big one.¬† I went with the disposable plastic sheet for house painting and covered my kitchen floor.
  7. We also used an old cookie sheet to catch the biggest part of our mess.¬† Worked well.¬† It now looks super awesome and we’re letting it dry out too so we can use it again next time.¬† OH THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME!
  8. Drinking straws if desired.
  9. Pushpins to put in the back corners of your canvas so that it can sit up off of whatever you leave it on to dry and have room to drain.

We started with what’s called a “dirty pour”.¬† It’s not alcoholic or inappropriate despite the fun name.¬† Basically, we mixed some paint, here’s my specific measurements:¬† pour in enough acrylic paint to just barely line the bottom of the cup.¬† Add in a few drops of water, and then add in Floetrol. I would say my final mix was about an inch in the cup.¬† I didn’t want to waste too much paint but wanted enough for everyone to have fun and have lots of colors to play with.¬† The “dirty pour” means we started with an empty cup and poured in some white.¬† Then some ocean teal.¬† Then some more white.¬† Then some black.¬† etc. etc.¬† in layers.¬† We now had one cup of paint, neither shaken nor stirred.¬† We put the canvas on top of it, then flipped it over quickly and pulled up the cup!¬† We had a puddle of paint colors in the middle.¬† We then tipped the canvas slowly back and forth and all around until the paint slowly started migrating all over the canvas and swirling it’s colors on it’s own.¬† BE READY FOR THE MASSIVE RUN OFF.¬† We ended up with this as our test piece:


We were excited about it but wanted to try other things from the 7 billion tutorials we saw too.  So Renna and Sam went first and did a more controlled pour of 3 or 4 colors.  They poured little dots of white and then in the center of each dot, they poured another color, and in the center of that another and so on.  They tipped theirs too and it came out like this:

Next up was the twins, who are 4…and I was scared for the safety of the pergo floors and the clothing, but I let that go, because paint is fun.¬† They wanted to do a controlled pour too just because they wanted to pour paint more times…¬† After we tipped theirs, we grabbed a drinking straw, and they pointed it at the canvas and blew through the straw to let the under layers of paint come up and the results were pretty cool.

The air going into the paint made for some cool designs and those “cells” we were talking about.¬† In a lot of the tutorials they used WD40 or silicone drops in their paint mix to force up more cells.¬† We didn’t do that, but might try it in the future.¬† We were keeping it simple.

When the kids were done we had a massive amount of paint left and I was itching to do my own, so I did.¬† Having watched them go, I learned somethings.¬† I flooded the canvas of my painting with just two colors, not really mixed together but poured side by side and allowed to mingle in the middle.¬† I let it flood the whole thing.¬† Then I poured one pink circle in two corners and added a yellow circle inside of that.¬† I used Elliott and Lorelei’s straw trick to have a little more control and manipulate my puddles where I wanted them to go and creating a floral shape.¬† I didn’t tip after I added the pink or yellow. Just moved it around with the straw and let the colors mix and pull up background colors on their own.¬† I’m super happy with how it turned out.


So we did 6 paintings.¬† Made a huge mess!¬† And a had a LOT of fun.¬† Renna discovered she wants to be a youtuber and tried to make her siblings play along…¬† It went Ok…and maybe with some creative editing we will start a Barnes & Boutiques YouTube Channel someday.¬† Our paintings are laid out on a broken down cardboard box on the kitchen table and with the amount of paint on them I estimate they will be dry in March 2019.¬† Ok…hopefully sooner…but you guys…it’s a LOT of paint.¬† They’re not even close at this point and it’s been 6 hours.¬† So heads up there.

Homeschooling has been such an adventure!¬† People ask me all the time “Well what about Art and music and things like that?”¬† Ummm…this is NOT where we are lacking at all.¬† History turns into art.¬† Science, English, HECK!¬† Even math sometimes.¬† We love projects and we like to get MESSY.¬† Bring on the spilling paint and glitter and glue and melting wax and whatever else ya got.¬† We are ALL IN.

So go buy some canvases and make a new masterpiece!¬† It’s fun and easy and everyone feels like an accomplished artist when it’s done.

Happy Creating!


Time UnManagement

We have no schedule, zero consistency, for months at a time in the summer. ¬†When our kids were in public school, the schedule that was dictated to us, became THEE schedule and it was enforced. ¬†So we had to participate in it. ¬†Sure we were late every darn Thursday…I don’t know why Thursday, please don’t ask but…literally every Thursday. ¬†But there were consequences when we were late. ¬†There were calls from the office or tardy passes. ¬†Now that we are on our own schedule, I SUCK at making one. ¬†We have activities that occur at scheduled times, but other than those, we’ve been on our own. ¬†We don’t have a school schedule, I work from home (mostly) so I don’t have a set work time schedule. ¬†We don’t schedule in what time we are going to do our school work, or go to the library, or anything. ¬†And I’m sort of stuck in this place where I KNOW we should.

Hello, my name is Mary, and I am a terrible manager of time.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Key Time Wasters:

FaceBook – It’s a black hole. ¬†Sure my work is on there and I love keeping up to date with friends. ¬†But I do not need to watch a video of a cat on a surfboard, nor do I need to read 1,346 comments on a thread about chicken coops. ¬†But it happens. ¬†Often.

Asking Children to do something – Or rather the follow through. ¬†I swear to God in Heaven I have to tell them to brush their teeth 17 times in the morning. ¬†I ask. ¬†I get distracted. ¬†They haven’t done it. ¬†I ask again. ¬†That cat on the surfboard just found some cool rollerskates. ¬†I tell them. ¬†I get a text message I feel I need to respond to. ¬†They are now spinning frisbees on their head in the living room and their teeth are not brushed. ¬†I DEMAND they do it now. ¬†I just realized no one fed the dog. ¬†They have disappeared upstairs and I don’t even know what they are doing…teeth unbrushed. ¬†It leads me to my third time waster…

Getting Angry – Such a waste of time and energy. ¬†I am mad their teeth are not brushed. ¬†I spend time stuck in my head about being mad and time endlessly telling 4 smallish children exactly how and why they managed to make me so frustrated. ¬†They have (I’m sure) stopped listening because I’m ranting and probably not making sense. ¬†I don’t feel good. ¬†They don’t feel good. ¬†No one feels good. ¬†Then we need time to cool down.

Setting up and planning – Ever have the best intentions to do something spontaneous and fun and then completely lose an hour figuring out how to do it or getting ready to do it and then it’s not even fun anymore? ¬†That’s me. ¬†Hey! ¬†Let’s go make a snowman! ¬†COOL! ¬†45 minutes later trying to find hats and gloves and coats and scarves and boots that fit (because they never fit after they wear them that one time). ¬† And then we need to find something for eyes and a scarf for the snowman and 15 other things to make it the best snowman ever, and then we are exhausted and we haven’t even been in the snow yet! ¬†Our best intentions go awry when we get lost in the planning and unorganized preparation. ¬†Everyone is sweating in their parka inside the 70 degree kitchen and they don’t even want to go outside anymore.

Making Decisions – Want to kill an hour? ¬†Ask your family of 6 what they want for dinner and try to agree. ¬†Try to make everyone happy and see where that gets you. ¬†I’ll tell you where it gets you. ¬†Hangry.


So what do we do? ¬†I’ve been trying to surround myself with more organized people. ¬†Organization is probably one of my biggest character flaws, along with being late, but I’m pretty sure that the disorganization is the thing that causes the lateness, so truly it’s just a subset of the same problem. ¬†I’m taking suggestions from people who inspire me to get more done. ¬†People who are GOOD at managing time. ¬†And people with SYSTEMS.

I want to live in a home that runs efficiently. ¬†That is organized so it makes sense. ¬†I want to be a person who has set working hours (for the most part) with a task list daily of the things that will get done that day. ¬†But I want to maintain my spontaneity. ¬† I think it’s one of my strongest suits. ¬†Am I asking too much?

I bought a chore chart (with shiny star stickers) and a planner and we have two separate magnetic calendars on the fridge. ¬†I’m ready to minimize the things we have so we can find the ones we need. ¬†I am ready to make changes.

If I don’t make it out the other side, please send a search party to the dry bath tub where I’ll be hiding with a bottle of wine and sad 80’s music, regretting my life choices and coping with my inability to organize myself.

On Wednesdays, We Wear Our Shame

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated Wednesdays…no kidding…hate them. ¬†In different stages of my life it’s been for varying reasons but still always Wednesdays. ¬†If I could choose a 4 day work week, I’d take off Wednesdays. ¬†If I were going to book a day spa, I’d do it on a Wednesday. ¬†The worst part about Wednesday, is the shame I wear when it’s over.

I am a mean mom on Wednesdays. ¬†Currently Wednesday is the only day of the week Lewis works away from home. ¬†He needs this time to be with grown ups who aren’t me. ¬†It’s important. ¬†But dang…Wednesday. ¬†It starts off with big fun plans. ¬†Cool things I’m going to do with the kids. ¬†Awesome places we will visit or a laundry list of errands we are going to tackle. ¬†A mountain we are going to climb with the skill of a Mount Elbert goat. And from here it quickly devolves.

First the shoes…just like our school days, no one can find the shoes. ¬†One is in the mudroom and the other is lodged somewhere in Pandora’s box with all the other evils of the world. ¬†Or magically their feet have grown three sizes that day and suddenly no shoe will fit, except the snow boots in the middle of a humid 90 degree day. ¬†Just wear the damn snow boots, it’s fine.

And then the whining begins. ¬†Where are we going? ¬†I don’t want to go to there!!! ¬†She’s sitting in my spot! ¬†He touched me! ¬†My tummy hurts. ¬†I’m hungry. ¬†I want to go home! ¬†I don’t want to go home! ¬†Can I have this toy? ¬†If we stay home, they will inevitably fight and if we go out we WILL get stuck in traffic.

Next a time warp hits and either no time has passed at all or it’s 8:30pm and we haven’t had dinner yet. ¬†4 kids with hungry eyes staring at me wondering why I haven’t fed them and turning into caged animals on a sugar crash. ¬†Hitting and tattling and hating each other. ¬†I have raised monsters!!!

So I start to yell. ¬†I’ve been working on this for a long time, but I still lose my cool. ¬†I want to grab them and shake them and demand they grow up right now! ¬†All of the cool activities we had planned turn to molten lava or the outing is cut short. ¬†I feed them whatever is convenient and I send them to bed early, with rage.

Then when they leave the room, and I have a moment to reflect on my day, in the quiet, ¬†I find my shame. ¬†I start to wonder if I have in fact raised monsters who can’t follow simple directions and go 10 minutes without whining, or if maybe, just maybe, it’s me…

Maybe my hatred for Wednesdays has followed me. ¬†Maybe the capricious hump day energy poisons the day before it begins for me. ¬†But I am, never-the-less, left wondering if it’s me. ¬†I find my shame and then probably eat my feelings… ¬†I swear to do better next week. ¬†Next Wednesday will be better.

I know I have good kids. ¬†Sure they don’t always listen. ¬†And yes they fight sometimes. ¬†They’re not angels…no one said that. ¬†But they’re not monsters. And truly I don’t want them to grow up instantly. ¬†I don’t want to wish it away. ¬†That’s the best baby advice anyone ever gave me. ¬†It came from some regular customers at the restaurant when I was pregnant with Renna (my oldest). They said don’t wish it away. ¬†Every awful stage. ¬†The diapers. ¬†The horrible 3’s (it’s not 2’s…trust me). ¬†They are all fleeting anyway. ¬†They’ll be gone before you know it. ¬†Hang on to them for as long as you can. ¬†So every week, I hit reset. I apologize for Wednesday and I vow to do better next Wednesday. ¬†I keep making absurd plans and trying to make Wednesday fun. ¬†Maybe next week will be awesome.

We still have our cute moments. ¬†Like MY new hammock they hijacked today…but maybe if all the moms shared about their “Wednesdays” we’d all know we aren’t crazy. ¬†#imhavingawednesday