The Elephant in the Blog

Five months ago, I wrote a blog called Why I’m NOT Leaving LuLaRoe, and I announced I’m leaving LuLaRoe this week…and then I noticed some hits on that old post, and thought I should probably drag that elephant out here and talk about it.

I reread the blog and I stand behind everything it said except one part. I no longer LOVED my job. I was doing my job, but I LOVED everything else I was doing more. The things that I loved about LuLaRoe still stand. Creating a community so that no one feels alone, gathering with women, working for myself, and being home with my family, ALL of that stands.

This morning I got up, opened the barn, and took my time with the animals and watered the garden. I read my twins a book, made bread for our lunches and the rest of the week from scratch, researched and pitched a free lance article. I washed dishes with a rag I knit myself while I watched my kids through the window picking Mulberry leaves off the tree together in the sunshine to make our own herbal teas. They discovered silk worm eggs on a leaf and we made a habitat so they can watch their lifecycle happen up close. And this is all I want. And this is what I want to do and where I’m meant to be. People will think we are weird or odd, and that’s ok. They will never understand and they don’t need to.

It’s what we’ve chosen and it feels right. We will sell some tea, and some knit wash rags, and write, and host craft classes and keep building our community. We will all learn together and share what we can through social media.

So while I may not sell LuLaRoe anymore, I still believe in the things I wrote. And I still love the brand and all my friends who still sell it, and there are exciting things coming! Did you see the tank top? Finally! I hope all my friends sell the bananas out of those clothes. I’ll be here. Writing about chickens and making tea, and being super happy with my choices while I do it.

Make your choices for you and no one else, and if they think you’re weird, it’s just because they don’t understand ūüôā

We Have Barnes & Boutiques

Choices. ¬†Every choice we make changes the course of our lives. ¬†Just over 1 year ago, I told my husband I would never move north of Hall Rd, which for me was the end of convenience and civilization and everything I thought I wanted. ¬†Why would anyone want to live so far away from stores, and museums, and the happenings? ¬†Then he showed me a garage… ¬†A garage that could house an entire boutique full of clothing and fitting rooms. ¬†A space just for me with no kids, no pets, no scary basement lighting; and I was sold. ¬†This garage was about 10 miles north of the magical barrier I had put on our housing search and it was attached to a house built before William McKinley took office (if you don’t want to google that, it was 1897). ¬†Somehow, this family of mine sold me on a dream. A life that I didn’t know I wanted.


Who are we?

I’m Mary. ¬†I recently turned 29 for the 6th time. ¬†I am a retailer and coach for LuLaRoe. ¬†I have an uncanny ability to make rash decisions and keep my family on their toes.

Image-1 (1)

This is Lewis. ¬†Lewis asked me to marry him in 2005 and I said, “Are you sure?” ¬†And he seemed kind of sure so we got married.


These are our children:

DSCN1545 (2)Renna is an 8 year old who is so sensitive I swear to God above she cannot possibly be mine ūüėČ ¬†She loves with her whole heart and she will take care of us all someday while simultaneously fighting for justice.

Sam is my animal guy. ¬†He’s kind of shy and sweet, unless you are his sibling. ¬†He gets overwhelmed by the noise and hustle of the world sometimes. ¬†He just turned 7 (for the first time), and if he could choose a place to live it would be the Detroit Zoo.

Elliott & Lorelei are the twins. ¬†And I feel bad even making them share a text section, but that’s what happens to twins. ¬†Twins have to share that name, The Twins. ¬†For a long time we called them “The Babies”, until we realized they were 4 and spoke in sentences and had opinions. ¬†We retired “the babies” and we stick to “The Twins”. ¬†Truth be told they could not be more opposite one another. ¬†Elliott does everything with joy and a smile. ¬†He does awful things, stupid things, but he has not a drop of malice in his heart. ¬†His main goal in life is to be a party everywhere he goes. ¬†Lorelei is a little princess. ¬†A heart string puller. ¬†She’s cute…and she knows.

Why do we have a blog?

When we moved the kids out of the city, we promised them a “farmhouse” which in a child’s mind comes with an actual FARM. ¬†So being the level-headed good decision maker I am, we are now accidental homesteaders, accidental homeschoolers, and living purposefully. ¬†We wanted to share a little piece of ourselves and our journey with you. ¬†We want to connect with people and leave a mark on the world. ¬†We want you to laugh with us, at us, and celebrate the tiny successes, the massive failures, and this thing called life. ¬†Lewis, Renna, possibly Sam, and myself, will be contributing authors to our family blog. ¬†Follow us if you’re interested in fashion, homesteading, homeschooling, DIY projects, and adventures!

See you again soon!