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Fluid Painting Classes additional Canvases

After Registering for your class date, you can prepay any additional canvases after your one included with your $10 fee. We recommend at least 2 as you get the hang of the techniques and to experiment but most choose to do 3 or 4 to make a wall hanging set. 8x8 canvas You may also add on additional canvases at the time of your class using cash.






Farm Fresh Eggs

Free Range, Happy Chicken or Duck Eggs. 🙂 Duck egg quantities are still limited at this time. Mix and Match available also. Local Pick up only




Hand Knit Washcloths

3 pack of hand knit washcloths. Blend of Acrylics and Wool. Contact us with color choices. Allow at least 1 week lead time for creation.



Black Walnut Wood Stain

All natural, water-based black walnut wood stain or ink. Used for staining your wood projects, dying fabrics and yarns, painting, and other various art projects. We cannot ship this product at this time.




Pure Vanilla Extract

5oz of Madagascar Vanilla Bean extract. Beans are still inside for making a second batch or drying to make vanilla sugar when your vanilla is used up. Delicious and rich.