Start the coffee

I am NOT a morning person. I never have been. I was always late in high school. I took a class first hour that I could pass simply by showing up for test days on purpose senior year. I dropped every 8am college course I ever signed up for until I decided to just stop signing up. One of my greatest joys of homeschooling is not waking my kids up before the sun.

But lately, I cannot sleep in. Someone is counting on me. Well, actually many someone’s. 2 dogs who want out of crates, 3 goats, 6 ducks, and 25 chickens are waiting for me every morning. If the sun is up, they are up. And they’re depending on me.

I set alarms every night to make sure I’m up by 7 at the latest. I have not heard that alarm go off in a very long time. Someone somewhere who is good with words once said “Purpose is a powerful alarm clock.” And those words strike so true in my heart. When I wake up with purpose, it’s easier to get out of bed. It’s easier to deal with the why. If you love what you’re doing, and the people and things that are counting on you, and you see them as an opportunity to learn and grow and provide, the morning doesn’t seem so dismal.

After the barn is open and the dogs have gone outside, I still need a mass amount of caffeine to make it through the morning 😉 , but we’re headed to the right path. I let the kids sleep later because I love the quiet. But I hope to start waking them with purpose too.

What’s your morning purpose? What inspires you and gets you going?

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