I Straight Up Don’t Believe You

I was checking out a new blogger suggested to me on Instagram because of a homeschool hashtag I follow. She had AMAZING and artistic photos of her home. I found myself drooling over white linens and pillows and perfectly arranged succulents and lemons left out purely for decoration. One post boasted a brilliant kitchen with a “spill” of baking stuff drawn into a heart, reading (paraphrase) my favorite thing in the world is preparing a wholesome dinner for my family.

Then I remembered which hashtag brought me to her page…#homeschoolmom…and I snapped out of it, because I straight up don’t believe her. I get some people are neat freaks. Truly I do. They exist in my own family…I seem to have missed the gene that enjoys cleaning. But if you’re telling me your kids are home with you all day, hands on learning in your home, that you have white everything and it’s always perfect? No. Stop it now. That’s a lie. Maury Povich didn’t even have to call me with the results to that lie detector.

And then the doubt sets in. Am I an incredible slacker? Do other moms really have this THAT together? They can do all things through Jesus Christ and I’m just a great big failure? Oh snap. The dishes are looking at me…

Judging me…

I think I’ve entered the 7 stages of grief. First I was shocked. Then it was denial…and then irrational anger. I’m not sure I bargained, but depression definitely crept in there. So now I’m writing this blog to test for realistic expectations. What does your house look like at the end of the day?

If you’re a mom of mayhem, like me, huge shout out from the rooftops. I GET YOU. Your house is a lived in mess. There are unmatched socks in a bin somewhere and your bathroom sink is full of kids toothpaste. You probably can’t remember the last time the littlest one had a shower. And that’s OK. You are not alone.

Our intentions are pure, but let’s be real, why would we buy a white rug in the first place? Get the one with technicolor swirls and then when they spill the grape juice ask them to aim for the purple swirl. We had exactly 3 fairly large spills that needed containment and clean up today. And today was a good day.

So if you’re scrolling Instagram and you see a life too perfect in pictures to be true, just do what I do, and assume they’re all freaking lying. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Straight Up Don’t Believe You”

  1. If it is any comfort to you. I have 5 grown kids. The youngest is thirty. I just finally managed to throw away a bin of unmatched socks looking much like the one pictured. You are focusing on the import stuff, like your kids. Who cares about picture perfect houses.

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  2. Amen! I can barely see the top of my desk at the moment, I have a comforter hanging over the edge of my loft railing and I have no idea when the last time I was able to mop (dustmop?) my floor was. We finally got caught up with the dishes 2 days ago, and they are slowly sneaking back to laugh at me, lol! I am so much more concerned with my children being able to learn and grow (read: not kill each other) on a daily basis, that the housework can wait! It stresses me out to think about keeping a spotless white home together-shout out for the patterned rug!

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