Using What You Have

I’ve been looking around at our land and all the things we have here.  Or all the things we COULD have here, and making a plan.

Last year we grew a garden, but I wasn’t super awesome about caring for it and I didn’t fence it and we lost most of it to the wandering deer and rabbits and squirrels…and draught…because I’d forget to water it.  But imagine what we COULD have grown?  Imagine if I learned how to can.  All the tomatoes that we didn’t eat fast enough would have served a purpose.  Or the pumpkins that I accidentally left outside and the frost got them.  The walnuts we never collected because it was “too hard”.  It was wasteful.  But I’m still learning.  And I’m making strides to be better this year.

I’m not a GMO worrier.  I think most of our plants/seeds are genetically modified now.  I’m not a super crunchy no chemical person.  I live on coca-cola.  But we have this opportunity and we should make the most of it.  Every single one of us could be more self-sufficient and grow our own “something” to enrich our lives and get back in touch with where we came from.  Even in an apartment, there is a window that can house a hanging herb garden or something.  But we don’t.  We buy them because it’s easier.  We don’t have time.  But what if that is truly the only thing we do have here on this planet?  Time.  What if we could slow down and connect with our roots?

The kids and I sat down and made a list of all the things we do have here or could have here if we utilized them properly and cared for them or planted them.

We could have a blossoming garden of whatever veggies we want.

We could have black walnut syrup if we tapped our trees.

We could have tons of herbs, if we used that back window.

We could have Pears, Apples, and Grapes if we pruned them properly.

We could have Grape leaves if we collected them.

We could have white mulberries, if we picked them.

We could have tons of walnuts drying out in the basement if we put in the effort.

We could make our own wood stain with the walnut husks.

We could have handmade yarn if we processed the goat mohair.

We could have plums in a few years if I had planted those trees I wanted.

We could have blueberries and blackberries if I had tended to those plants we placed by the old chicken coop.

We could have Jams and Jellies If I learned how to make them.

We could have milk and cheese if we milk the goat this year.

We’ve got eggs covered 😉

When you look at your yard or your land, what do you see?  I see an opportunity to teach my children, and myself, so much.  I want to try all of the things.  But all of the things take time.  And we are so busy being busy it feels like we will never have it.

We are going to make the time.  We commit to learning something new.  We commit to put down busy and do something that feels joyful and productive.  Make a new busy 😉  We commit to learning through trial and error.  And facing the world of people who think we are crazy and making the most of what we have here.  No land?  Drop on by.  We have some things you can do 🙂


One thought on “Using What You Have”

  1. We should talk. I used to can and do many of the things you would like to do. Maybe in the late summer we could do a leggings for labor trade and I could do some of those things with you and show you how. I live on a city lot and no longer have relatives on farms, so it could be fun for both of us.

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