Be Present

“Forever is composed of nows.” – Emily Dickinson

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the things I spend my time on, because time is in fact a commodity.  A commodity that seems to drift away so quickly.  How many of these things are useful or important or even necessary?  I have definitely not found the balance, but I’m working on it.  I am always a work in progress and I hope to always be growing.

We took our Christmas Gift Trip last week, and spent an uninterrupted week just doing fun things together on the road.  There were no daily distractions.  No chores.  No work. Just us.  We made up ridiculous road games (our version of the cow game that we never truly played unless it was convenient for me to win) and we made random stops.  Lewis’s favorite part of the whole trip was when we got slap happy at midnight on the way to Georgia and everything was “fine – It’s fine.  It’s going to be fine.”

636105299923578088-1610436935_its fine

We went to a Merry Go Round Museum, Great Wolf Lodge, An Ohio Turnpike Rest Stop…which blew our Michigan minds (ha), Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta, and The Lost Sea in Sweetwater TN.  We spent HOURS together in the car.  I didn’t even get sick of them.  It was so much fun that something happened when we got home.  I can NOT get back into life.  I just can’t.  I want to be present all the time and watch them grow and become.

Problem is, my job is connected to my phone and my pay directly correlates to how hard I work.  I love just being free to do what I want, but for Christmas this year, I’d like a fairy godmother who helps me make a balanced schedule.

I think we are slowly becoming “unschoolers” who try to immerse our children in what they’re interested in.  But don’t stuff me into a box because I just want to do my own thing.  🙂  Renna has a deep desire to bake.  So we were present together this week and we had a no yeast dessert bread bake off.  The kids measured all of their own ingredients and picked what flavors to add and they made 3 loaves of delicious dessert bread.

But in this time, messages went unanswered.  Is that ok?  Sometimes.  But not always.  Work went undone.  And we made this huge mess.  How can we be present while we take care of this?  To be honest, I did NOT clean this…ha…Lewis did.


Sweet mother of mercy.   What is this pressure to have it all!?  How do you make a schedule and decide which moments to “miss”.  What if during your scheduled present with kids time, they’re super boring and they want you to go away? But during scheduled work time there is an epic snowball fight?  I don’t have the answer.  I’m truly asking.  Message me if you know!  I am very lucky with LuLaRoe to not be gone 9-5 but still work and provide a decent living for my family.  I know this.  Maybe I’m just too immature to do it right 😉

How are you present with your people?




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