Stop Kidding Around

The thing about a farm is, it needs some animals.  I struggle with this because I don’t want to up our expenses with nothing in return.  Like bunnies…I love our bunnies and they’re cute.  But that’s it…cute.  They don’t provide us with anything because we aren’t going to eat them.  I am not a REAL farmer.  I will not eat animals we raised.  We name them and love them and the stew pot is the last place you’ll find them.  This is liberal hippy farming ok?  I do however, greatly appreciate animals that are useful to the state.  I LOVE the chickens.  They ask very little from us and they give us eggs every day.  Thanks Chickens!  We don’t sell our eggs.  They don’t earn us an income, but we will never starve because there will always be an egg.

So what’s next?


GOATS!  No Kidding.


  1.  They’re cute as babies and adults which is rare.
  2. They’re generally pretty friendly.
  3. They don’t eat a ton that they don’t find themselves on the ground.
  4. They serve a purpose.
  5. Renna – “I like goats because they’re nice and friendly.  They make great pets.”
  6. Sam – “Because they’re cute.”
  7. Lorelei – “cause I think them is really pretty.”
  8. Elliott – “cause them cute and fluffy.”

Did we mention that they’re cute?  Ok, so goats are kind of just cute pets but they also provide different things.  Our goats will provide fiber for art projects or sale, and eventually milk and cheese.  I guess you can even make soap, but I haven’t looked into that yet.  I want the kids (the two legged kind) to grow up with responsibilities and I want them to know what it’s like to put someone or something else first.  When I was 12 I started working in a horse barn to pay for my own lessons and leasing a horse.  I cleaned 30 stalls a day (3-4 days a week) and fed and watered 30 horses.  Horses don’t know it’s Christmas morning and you’re 12.  They still need a clean stall and food.  I’m excited for my kids to know that.   They THINK they’re excited too 😉 We’ll see what they say December 25th.

Today we attended a Goat Care Class at Sheepy Hollow Farms in Armada.  We THINK we’re ready now 🙂  We can be good goat owners.  PLUS!  What’s better than shopping a boutique of crazy comfortable clothing at someone’s house?  How about petting a goat and snuggling a bunny when you’re done?

Are goats a business expense? #Taxwriteoff

Nan the Angora, and Blondie the Nubian/Boer cross, coming July 2017

You pronounce that Bbbllllaaaa -ondie. 🙂


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